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A day in history

Young Bladez & T-Weezy

Welcome to Ray`s guest blog post… Whaddup y’all! Coach Young Bladez here with your daily dose of Rap History. As some of you may know I was raised to the rhythmic sounds of Rap. I usually like to give a Rap history lesson during my classes to keep the mood light and gangsta. So I thought I`d give everyone who doesn’t get to attend my classes regularly some Knowledge! Stay fly and increase the peace!!

September 5th on this day in rap history, Michigan rapper MC Breed is hospitalized and placed on life support after passing out from kidney failure at a pick up basketball game in 2008.

MC Breed was born Eric Breed and released 13 albums from 1991 – 2004.  Breed was especially known for his hit “Àin’t no future in yo frontin‘”

Over the years Breed would collaborate with the likes of 2Pac, Too $hort, The D.O.C. and Spice 1, just to name a few.

Breed would pass away almost 3 months later  on November 22md at a friends home.

R.I.P. June 12th 1971 – Novemeber 22nd 2008

One thought to “A day in history”

  1. Kidney failure? Was Mr. MC one those cross fitters? Heavy lifting = rhabdomyolisis = kidney failure! Thanks coach Young Bladez… The more you know.

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