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Athlete of the Month – February


The Zone wants to recognize all our athletes as much as possible, and this is why we ask you to keep track of all your weekly PR’s on the whiteboard.  We spotlight all of you once a month in the newsletter.  So keep up the hard work and dedication so you can  get your name on the whiteboard at least once a week!

This month we are beginning a new protocol for recognizing athletes for their achievements.  We are starting to acknowledge one athlete per month for their continued dedication at the Zone.  This is an athlete that does not miss any of their training sessions in a week, are setting and achieving goals, using their skills sessions to dial in their technique and continually working on healthy life style changes in their nutrition.

This month we chose an early bird Zoner, one that you may have had a chance to meet over the last year, Jeff Kreczmer!  Jeff has been one of our dedicated Zoners over the last year, that’s right he just reached his one year anniversary at the Zone.  I am so proud of Jeff, he has worked so hard and has come so far with his technique and getting stronger every week.  He competed this past weekend in the Zone Games 4 with the big boys and he made us all proud!

Check out this super cool video that our fellow Zoner Tubbs McGee (AKA – Ryan Clarke) put together for our wonderful athlete of the month!

Who is going to be next????

Will it be you?

Today’s Workout

Buy-in:  3 rounds of:  10 kettlebell swings, 6 goblet squats, 10 double crunch

WOD:  “The Krez”

In honor of our first Athlete of the Month, this WOD is going to be named after Jeff K… that means you have to bring it Krez!

5 rounds, each for individual time of:

  • 4 squat cleans (115/185)
  • 8 burpees
  • 12 pullups

Each round will start on a 5 minute timer, your score is the combination of your fastest and slowest work intervals

Zone 5:  scale cleans to 95/155

Zone 4:  scale cleans to 75/135

Zone 3: scale cleans to 65/115, option of scaling to 8 pullups per round

Zone 2: scale cleans to 45/75, assisted pullups, scale to 3 rounds

Zone 1:  scale as needed

GAMES PREP:  all pullups unbroken (men chest to bar) – every time you break, do 5 burpees right away

Cash-Out:  Roll and lacrosse ball, search for angry bits!

Workout of the Day

  1. Shannon (Bones)02-21-11

    Congratulations, Jeff! Your video makes you look like a superhero. 😉 It’s great to get a chance to hear your background story, and understand what drives you at the Zone.

    Well done by Tubbs, too!

  2. Kath02-21-11

    Awesome Krez! Totally inspirational watching you in WOD 3 at the games! Love WODing with you. Great video Tubbs!

  3. Sarah W02-21-11

    Nice work Jeff!

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