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BC Family Day

Drop in for the 9:30am class and spend a little time with your CFZ family today. Then go eat some ice cream or something.

Workout of the Day


Run/lunge 2x
Run/butt kickers 2x
Run/SLM 2x
Run/power skips 2x
Run/Spidey 2x
Run/Toe Hold 2x
Run/inchworm 2x


EMOM for 10min:
-7 Power Snatch


5 Rounds (in a team with one member at each station, rotating through):
:30/:30 Work/Rest
-DBSN 1/1 #50/#30
-WB (#20/#14)
-Push Up

RX: 30/55, 14/20
Zone 3: 25/45
Zone 2: 20/35, 10/14
Zone 1: scale as needed


Coach led

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