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It’s that time of year again…. Candy time!  With Halloween approaching, everywhere you look there are sinful treats to be had.  A plethora of delicious, colourful, bite-sized diet disrupters!  These days, most “tricks” have been dropped from today’s Halloween celebrations and all we’re left with is a lot of high-sugar, high-fat goodies.  If you love the season, but are worried about what that sugar buzz can do to your healthy diet, consider these alternatives.

Try snacking on individual packets of dried fruit, raisins, or nuts.  These options will still provide you with that sugary taste or salty crunch you crave, while also still being good for you.

Have almond-butter or cheese with whole-grain crackers.  These snacks are a great way to get that carbohydrate satisfaction you’re after, and in pairing the carbs with some protein or fats, it helps balance out the damage.

Fruit juice boxes may seem like they’re for little kids.  However, for you healthy adults wanting a sweet beverage, they’re always a better choice than a can of soda.  Go for a brand made from 100% juice, not from concentrate, if you can.

Who doesn’t love bubblegum?  It reminds us of our playful, carefree days as kids.  Choose a sugar-free kind, and you can blow all the bubbles you want, guilt free!

Granola bars and popcorn are a fun way to get that naughty craving for a crunchy snack taken care of.  Granola bars are a great alternative to candy bars, and they come in a wide variety of flavors!   Choose a bar that is as un-processed as possible, without all those additives like marshmallow bits and chocolate chips.  Some good brands to check out are Kashi, Nature Valley, and Nature’s Path.  If popcorn is your snack of choice, make sure it’s air-popped, or pick a variety of microwave popcorn that’s trans-fat free, comes in a smaller, single-serving bag, and advertises being low calorie.  Keep it light on the butter, if you can!

Lastly, if your sweet tooth gets the best of you and you do end up indulging in some sinful candy, just set reasonable limits.  Have a couple instead of a handful.  And set a time limit on how long the leftover trick-or-treating candy stays around.  For example, any leftovers get thrown away after 5 days.  This will get you back on your healthy schedule as soon as possible, and remove the temptations from your house.

Happy Halloween!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In- KB swing practice – 3 x 15 working up in weight each set

WOD – “Partner  5-0
5 minutes at each of the following stations for max reps:

  • Row
  • Situps
  • Pushups
  • Wallball
  • Squats

Cash Out- Post a comment to today’s or tomorrow’s blog!  Do it!  We want to hear from you 🙂

46 thoughts to “BOO!”

  1. Dibs on the Reese’s peanut butter cups!!! I SAW THEM FIRST hahahhahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Missing the CFZ gang… been a busy week at work, two 11 hour days back to back!! See you all thursday night 🙂


  2. today’s workout was really intense, i’m super tired now and not going to be able to stay awake during class… and sean is a tank!!!!

  3. WE miss you Turts!!!!

    Harrison, if you are going to eat those you might as well just do heroine 😉 You guys will have to fight me for them though!

    Chris – maybe if you ask Wendy nicely she will book a skills session with you to work on the that squat thrusting. She had it down pretty much to a science!

  4. Great post as always Bones! I had to change the peanut butter to almond butter on the post or we would get some bad comments after that Eat Well seminar.

  5. thing brigit forgot to take to work today after crossfit:

    a shirt

    thank goodness i was wearing a shirt on top of my workout clothes to get to the gym today or it could have been ugly.

    wod was awesome. shiv is a great partna!

  6. That was a good workout this morning! Now because I have done a WOD that means I get to eat even more candy than I would if I hadn’t had a WOD!!!

  7. I bummed I had to miss yesterday’s workout b/c I love cleans!! But it looks like today it’s going to be a nasty one! See you tonight guys 🙂

  8. This workout look insane and I so want to do it but today is rest, I’m tired. I call dibs on the lollipops only if they have gum in the middle though 🙂

  9. That was an awesome workout, but I’m definitely glad Chris was willing to do sets of 15 wallballs to my 5!

    Chris: I’d be willing to meet up to work on your thrusting technique. I don’t have a set price or anything, but I have been getting ten dollars.

  10. Deanna: Did the Eat Well seminar say that all peanut butter is bad?? Really? What about all natural, no sugar or salt added, organic peanut butter? Or homemade? I’m very curious, since peanuts are supposed to be an acceptable nut overall. Fill me in on what I missed, please! 🙂

  11. Ten dollars?! That’s a bargain and a half!! Do it Chris 😉

    Bones, I guess first, peanuts are legumes not nuts, but apparently they can have a fungus on them that contains a nasty compound linked to cancer. Organic seem to be even worse since they have less fungicide applied!! I know, it sucks as I have been a PB fan for a long time.

    (i’ll still take the Reese’s though, small or not!!)

  12. Do you think we can sell Wendy on used Victoria:

    “I’d be willing to meet up to work on your thrusting technique. I don’t have a set price or anything, but I have been getting ten dollars.”

    Or she could stand on the corner across from the gym

  13. Cam: Eeeeeeeeeewwww! I will be having a little funeral tonight for my love of peanut butter. It’s been so good to me, over the years…. *sigh*

  14. There are a lot of interesting things on UsedVictoria these days… and as much as I’d like Wendy to earn some extra money on the side to support her Crossfit habit, I think we’ll pass 🙂

  15. Shannon if the worst thing you are doing is eating peanut butter, I am sure it is not that bad on your body compared to what most people do 😉

    I had my peanut butter funeral after the seminar 🙁

  16. Partner WOD’s rule, I always want to work harder for my team than I do for me…maybe it’s just the crew mentality in me

  17. Loved the WOD today. Had a bit of a rough day and it was an excellent workout to just sweat it out and let off a bit of steam!!!

  18. Excellent work tonight gang, good energy throughout, good quality control with most of the reps too! I liked the strategizing too – coming up with switching points for each partner – makes a difference in the end!!


  19. As for this peanutbutter funeral, you guys weren’t true lovers if you can give it up so easily. I’m with ya PB……. till the end. I can give up chocolate and sour candies but PB is not going anywhere lol 😉

  20. That was a totally nasty workout to come back to, thank you guys. Harrison was a great partner, really pushed me to find my max on this one. Phew. Now I’m set to dig into the bowl of candy, guilt-free!

    Hey, has anybody else tracked a correlation between CrossFit attendance and overall mood? I missed last week (and most of this one) and got so miserable and cranky my roommate actually kicked me out of the house to go workout. And I’m glad she did, ’cause now I’m full of good cheer again. So am I a freak, or is this normal for CrossFitters?

  21. So team Unicorn actual score was 813! Krista had some transposition problems with the chalk on the floor. She had us down for 63 situps not 163. BOOYEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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