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Deload-ish Week

You won’t find the volume dropped a significant amount this week, but we have just finished a strength cycle, and you might be feeling the accumulated effects of a hard month. Make sure you’re listening to your body and pulling back when and where needed. Consider scaling reps, lowering weights, or even….GASP…taking a rest day. […]


Are you Fitspirated?

“I’m not ready to come in to the gym yet, I need to get in shape before I do it.” Believe it or not, we hear this a lot. People think that they need to achieve a certain standard or look a certain way before they step foot in to a gym – a place […]


Row Sprints

On the docket today: row sprints. It’s not all about 20min AMRAPS, grinder WODs, or even moving heavy weights. Sometimes it’s about strapping in to a rower and going hard. Don’t cherry-pick, get in the gym and GO HARD!


Partner Saturday

Happy Saturday. Have fun exercising!


Ring the Bell!

It might not look like much to you but when you reach a new record make sure to ring it to let the whole city know of your accomplishment. Ok stop laughing…. this is the best we could find at the moment. We will be keeping our eyes open for the real MIGHTY PR BELL! […]