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26 Sep Posted by in CrossFit Kids | 8 comments

CrossFit Kids Kitchen

This is something I have done from time to time in my CrossFit Kids classes, and I figured I should start doing it via this blog, as well!  I’m talking about promoting healthy eating for kids and families via sending my students home with nutritious, fun, kid-friendly recipes.  Here is a fantastic example of a […]


09 Jul Posted by in CrossFit Kids | 1 comment

Why CrossFit For Kids?

I get a lot of people asking me questions about CrossFit Kids when I tell them that’s what I do for a living.  They have a hard time trying to picture how and why a child of a young age would want or need to do “CrossFit” type movements.  “Isn’t it dangerous?” they ask.  “Won’t […]


06 Mar Posted by in CrossFit Kids | 3 comments

Should Kids Be Pumping Iron?

Original article re-posted courtesy of the Globe and Mail Pint-sized tots are pumping iron at the CrossFit Calgary gym. Kids as young as 6 are doing curls with two-pound dumbbells, while their older peers, 8 and 9, are doing the same with five-pound weights under the watchful eyes of CrossFit Kids’ certified instructors. No parent […]


22 Feb Posted by in CrossFit Kids | 5 comments

The Reasoning Behind Kids & CrossFit

I get a lot of questions regarding our CrossFit Zone Kids program. “Do they lift weights?” people ask.  “Doesn’t that hurt them?”  Another common question I get is, “What exactly do you DO with the kids? Do they do workouts?” I thought I’d explain a bit more about our program, and why we find it […]


02 Nov Posted by in CrossFit Kids | 4 comments

What Can CrossFit Kids Do For Your Child?

…Thanks to this article from the CrossFit Kids Journal (Oct. ’10), we can help answer that question more effectively. I’m sure that almost all of us have had that deer in the headlights feeling when someone asks us “What IS CrossFit ?” Our explanation always seems to fall short, despite our best efforts. Even more […]