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Back to normal!

With the open over our regular Thursday night gymnastics get back into it’s normal mode.  If you noticed during the open (or anytime) that you struggled with certain bodyweight/technical movements maybe this is a great time to start working on those limitations! Each class is adapted to those that attend so there is no minimum levels needed. This is a great opportunity to work on some skills in a slower setting and really develop the strength and positions needed to be safe and efficient when the intensity rises. Hope to see some new faces! – Sean

By The Numbers

We have talked about By the Numbers, and you have heard some of a the coaches using By the Numbers in class. You have also maybe seen the text book in the gym.

By the Numbers is a system for instructing Multi-Modal movement that emphasizes progression at every level. It builds exercises pose- by- pose, movement skill exercise- by- exercise.

We care about creating the best-moving general population in the City. That is why we have embraced this program and are excited to present it to you.  Your Coach will teach one movement ‘By the Numbers’ each day ………..