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Super bowl cook off contestants – Brian

This is our first chili competitor, Brian Babyface Bates. He has a bit of a facial hair crisis going on at the moment but let me tell you this guy can grow one amazing beard. Other facts you may not know are he likes a good beer, a plaid shirt is always an option, peeing in public is a sport to him and he’s no stranger to having a good time. Kind of the perfect combination for this event. Let’s hope his chili making skills are as amazing as his beautiful eyes. Good luck Brian!

Super bowl Chili cook off extravaganza!

Chilli cook off 2 years ago at the rugby club and Gord won best chilli!

We challenge you to bring your best chili cooking skills. Major bragging rights are on the line for this cooking contest. I’ve heard a few people around here fancy themselves quite the culinary experts. But do you have what it takes to impress the judges and take the chili experience to a whole other level?

The Zone is hosting a superbowl chili cook off on sunday feb 5th @ 2:00 at the gym
Anyone may enter, members, friends and family, or maybe that neighbour who claims they have the best chili skills who you just want to slap in the face with your chili spoon, maybe your hot sauce will make him run home to his mommy.

Details to come on contest rules and regulations get your name on the list now we will only be allowing 15 entries. This is going to be one HOT! event!

12 Days of Christmas

Next Friday, December 23rd and Saturday December 24th we will be doing the 12 days of Christmas workout! If you come on Friday and Saturday, we will have different exercises for you 🙂 It’s a fun workout and you don’t want to miss out.

While you are in the holiday spirit, come help Vintage Mike and us put the stockings together for the homeless. We will be putting them together between 11-2pm. Come have some egg nog and treats with us. Bring your own rum 😉

Things we need for the stockings are:

  • toques/hats
  • juice boxes
  • Gloves