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Bench press in a wod?!

Most likely going to have to run this in waves but floor press is also an option (especially for those of you still new to the movement). Couple of other points on this one:  The load should be challenging, but not able to be completed in one or even two sets. It should take at least a minute to complete. Keep the shoulders packed and engage the lats. Do not let the hips rise up off the bench.  For the KTEs, make sure the knees touch the actual elbows or forearms (not the triceps). Shoulder presses need to be strict with no hip or knee involvement. Break up the swings to save your hands and to finish the last sets strong.

Tuesday Tips

Coaching Tips: This is a steady grinder so don’t come out too fast on the first round or two. If your form isn’t great for a squat clean, then just do a power clean into a front squat. For the ring push-ups, the rings must be a couple inches off of the ground [with the straps verticle] for ‘Performance.’ Scaling [ring push-ups] would be moving the feet forward so the straps are at an angle. The bicep mus touch the rings (at a minimum) for the rep to be full range of motion (and full lock out at the top of course). The bumper plate farmer carries mean you can hold them in the hub or at the bottom. Be careful sprinting the burpees, until the later rounds, since it will make everything else much more difficult.

Coaching tips

Really emphasize the ‘glide kip’ style of bar muscle up with as little dip at the top as possible. No chicken wings! If you chicken wing, stop the set or rest long enough to ensure you don’t do another one. If you are only good for 1-2 bar muscle ups per round, do them at the start, then finish with some jumping pull ups and toes to bar (don’t just default to the Health option for all rounds). Alternate arms as desired on the overhead lunges. If you legs start getting heavy in the later rounds, make sure you take your time on the box jumps to avoid and mishaps. That said, push the intensity when possible on the kettlebell swings through the jumps because of the 1 min rests. Total time does not include final rest (as always).

Coaching tips

Hustle on the shuttle runs, and take your time on the jerks. No line touch on the shuttle runs. You are better off trying to do bigger sets on the shoulder to overhead (rather than having to do lots of extra cleans). Catch the jerk with ‘soft knees’ when you lower the bar so you aren’t slamming the bar onto your shoulders. You can use a split jerk or push jerk as long as you bring your feet together before lowering it. If you tend to shoot the bar out in font on jerks, make sure your shoulders are mobilized well, and that you aren’t going too deep into the dip portion. It should be short and explosive!

Go climb a rope

Lots of options for the rope climbs in today’s wod, make sure you selected the best option for your skill level/goals.  For those doing the full rope climbs, look to stagger your start by about a minute or so, especially if you are working on a touch and go skill set.

For the power snatches, feel free to move up in weight if your form and speed can keep up.  Use that first pull to really get into a good position and look to maximize your hip drive and snap under the bar in a strong receiving position