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19 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Who wants a Great LIFE?

We have the Prescription for a Great Life! When we opened the Zone, our purpose wasn’t about producing elite athletes to compete at the CrossFit Games. And it still isn’t. Yes, we want you improving your fitness and hitting PRs regularly, but our mission is so much bigger than that. Our intention has, and always […]


17 Oct Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Week 5 of the Push Press

Hey Everyone! We are coming to a close on the push press strength focus.  This is week 5 of 6 and that means some shorter workouts and a bit less volume. We are also testing people’s front squats today to get a baseline for the next strength focus. If you can’t make it in today, […]


12 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Final Week of Power Clean Cycle

We are coming into our final week of the power clean strength cycle! How’s everyone feeling about their progress? Did you improve on some component of your power clean? For example, hitting that full hip extension/getting tall? Working on keeping that bar close? Working on quick elbows? We are now wrapping up our second strength […]


18 Aug Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Axel bar deadlift

So a different take on a traditional lift here today. Playing with axel bars will really test your grip strength and probably humble you a bit 😉 One thing to watch for, as the grip fails you may have a tendency to lean forward and lift your hips up. This will put you out of a solid […]


Deceptively hard

Interesting little rep scheme for today’s wod, looks easy but add up the reps and it will be clear that this is a lot of work.  Try to have a good plan going into this so that it doesn’t just become a slog through.  Most of these sets should be done unbroken with quick transitions […]