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13 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

Hitting the end of another strength cycle with 2’s today. Use the same weight across all sets (hopefully heavier than last week), and rep out the final set. Some pretty high volume WODs this week, despite the seemingly short lengths. Pace yourself and scale appropriately. Try and set some PR’s in weighted pull-ups and muscle […]


09 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Those wonderful rings

Fair amount of ring work today. Keep those shoulders packed down and stay tight in the body, this will ensure you remain in a safe and efficient postilion throughout. Like all body weight movements, go in with a rep scheme plan and break it up into small chunks with quick breaks. Remember, fail to plan, plan to […]


06 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

The Week Ahead

Back on those threes. Continue with sets across, with the last set being an AMRAP (with the exception of the Olympic lifts – limit those to the stated reps). If you’re blowing it out of the water and getting significantly more than three, bump up the weight next week. Lots of burpees this week, and an […]


05 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

HP Sunday

Some O-lifts, some barbell cycling and some skill work.  All in all a pretty good day 😉 9:30 start time, it’s probably going to be a hot one so make sure you drink lots of water beforehand!


02 Jun Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Demanding WOD

So today is a pretty demanding WOD.  These EMOMs sneak up on you so make sure you look at the total volume before deciding on your plan of attack.  What I always like to see is scale to the hardest level for as long as you can. Don’t have 10 x 10 TTB? try doing […]