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PR’s… Make the world go ’round!

Way to go Zoner’s!

Looks like the new programming is really working! Look at all the new PR’s on the PR board. Woohoo!!!! Lots of different variety in movements – cleans, jerks, push press, front squat, box jump, overhead squats, dips and benchmark wods.

I would love to see a PR on the Push Press next week from EVERY athlete in the gym. If you aren’t able to get a PR, catch up with your Coach to talk strategies of how to make sure you are getting a PR in each strength cycle. One sure way to do it is make sure to be consistent in getting the lift in twice a week. Front Squats are next!

Push Press three times?

That’s right, we will be doing push press and dumbbell split squats three times this week.  Today will be the second time and Saturday is the third time.  If you missed them on the holiday Monday and can’t make it in on Saturday, make sure to check with your Coach as to when you can get it in so you can get some kick ass results.

Happy lifting!

We got our First Seal

Being part of a MadLab facility will provide you with the best experience to start your journey to living a great life. All our member facilities have the same philosophy and business model, so if you ever visit another MadLab gym, you will receive the same treatment as your home gym.

All of our facilities have a ranking scale: 1st Seal, 2ndSeal or 3rd Seal. We have our 1st Seal and are half way to our 2nd Seal.

This quality control ranking method ensures each facility has achieved certain requirements in order to become a MadLab facility.

Here is an of example requirements MadLab facilities must have in place to reach the first level—best practices that help all parties involved (the client, the coach and the business).


  • Coach Development Program
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • 10-20 personal training sessions before group classes
  • Graduation to group classes based on performance and knowledge benchmarks

Back squat Max testing

Last week we finished our last lift in the back squat cycle, so this week we are testing our max! Through the weeks, you will have been introduced to lots of different ankle and hip mobility options. Did you find one that really loosened things up well for you? If so, hit up that one up the night before coming in to test your back squat.

We will be testing the back squat on Wednesday. If you are not planning on coming in on Wednesday, please coordinate with your coach the best day for you to test. Can you get your name up on the leaderboard?

Week 2 of the power cleans. You will see them on Monday (today) and Friday. Monday is 6 x 2 reps at 70-75% and Friday is 5 x 3 reps at 70-75%.

Happy lifting!