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11 Jul Posted by in Mobility | Comments

How to fix your Overhead Squat – Part 2

Overhead Squat Problem #2: Torso Position Here is another tip from Tabata Times that might help you with your overhead squat lift today. Forward leaning torso, armpits facing the floor, toes flared out. Not so good. At least he seems happy. Yes, this is the major cause of you dumping most of your weights in […]


04 Jul Posted by in Mobility | Comments

How to fix your overhead squat?

A blast from the past – Nancy Challenge in 2010 In light of the skill of the month and the workout today – Nancy, I have re-posted an excerpt from Tabata Times about overhead squat issues.  Please take a look below: Overhead Squat Problem #1: Ankle/Hip Mobility When you attempt your OHS, have you noticed […]


02 Jul Posted by in Mobility | Comments

Flossing the Anterior chain

For all those athletes that have super tight hip flexors (psoas) and have a forward chest lean in their squats, here is a variation of my fav banded distraction hip complex! Check out the video and give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂 Coaches Notes: We did this workout June […]