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Sore Shoulders?

Do you have sore Shoulders?

Join us on Tuesday October 22nd 7:45 -8:45 pm at the Pembroke location.  Dr. Deane Studer DC, Chiroprator, (and CrossFit member) will be sharing his knowledge about your shoulders and how to look after them. A little bit of Anatomy, stretching and  preventative care.

 Admission will be by donation with proceeds going to BC Cancer Foundationbreast_cancer_ribbon





Would you be interested?

Would you like to improve your Olympic Lifts?  We were contacted by Brandon Jackson, USA Weightlifting Coach & CrossFit Level 1 Trainer to host a 2 or 3 day camp. The cost would be $250.00 for the 2 days or $400.00 for the 3 days. In the camp you would learn:
* proper technique for more efficient movement
* proper Bar path
* Cues to help with understanding how bar should move* mental exercises for attempting maximal lifts
* progressions that will help practice proper position
* drills to reinforce good mechanics
* complimentary movements to improve strength and reinforce technique
* demonstration of the movements for repetition.

If we have enough interest we will host a two or three day camp with Brandon Jackson. Let us know if you would like us to host a Camp by emailing

Brandon Jackson

  • 8 years of weightlifting experience.
  • 3 time Collegiate Medialist.
  • Florida record holder in Snatch and Total.
  • 2 time National Medalist.
  • Quebec Jr. Team qualifier.
  • USA Olympic National Team member
  • Trained with Colombia, Korea and Australia’s national teams.
  • Competitor in Olympic Trials.
  • Undefeated in International competition.
  • Olympic hopeful for 2016 games.
  • Best Competition Lifts 340 Snatch and 425 Clean and Jerk.

Brandon is also USAW certified, Crossfit Level 1 certified, Crossfit Endurance certified, and Crossfit Olympic Lifting certified. He is currently working on his masters in Exercise Science and coaching two beginning Crossfit athletes to their first Weightlifting National Championship.


Technique, Technique, Technique

This is my philosophy.

Of all the lifters I have seen and studied, in my years of experience, the technique Olympians demonstrate is the same from the time they grab the bar until they reach attempts at 100%. Most people, every time they lift, each attempt looks completely different. My program is based on methods that are proven to be sound based on the theory of function, form, efficiency and repetitive movement at sub maximal weights. In order to be able to hit 100% correctly, the bar must be moved correctly. That is the key to being a great weightlifter as well as Crossfit athlete. The key to success is remembering that all athletes are not created equal and no one method provides the sole answer for all. I take each athlete I work with and create a technique based on their mechanics and own body movement; as well as body awareness.

For more information check out Brandon’s website at

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course!

Back by popular demand, we will be hosting the CrossFit gymnastics trainer course! It will take place on September 14, 2013 at the pembroke location.

Here is a little bit more about the course:


At the CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course, Coach Tucker or one of his Tier One coaches will delve into basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics forms in a lecture setting followed by practical application. Our goal in this course is to aid CrossFitters in using gymnastics for strength development, core control, spatial awareness and WOD progressions.

Handouts and other material will be e-mailed to you prior to the course date.

You will be taught a wide variety of foundational movements and techniques, including these and others:

  • Basic strength: development for disadvantaged leverage and basic strength prowess for gymnastics movement.
  • Parallette work: handstands, L-sits, stretching, core control, handstand push-ups, scalability of basic and intermediate movements, spotting, range-of-motion/extreme range of motion training.
  • Rings: core-training exercises, support work, proper hand placement, L-sits, iron-cross progressions, dislocates, presses, muscle-ups and muscle-up drills, self-spotting techniques, kips, handstands, and conditioning.
  • Bar variations: handstands, back levers, skin the cats, L-sit pull-up variations, stretching, kipping swings, spotting techniques, bar muscle-ups, scalability of all movements.
  • Handstands: handstand push-ups, handstand forward rolls, balance work, presses to handstands, L-sits to handstands. You will be taught how to spot and scale these foundational elements for WODs and newbies, and you will learn hand placement, core control, strength development, planches (progressions on floor, rings and paralettes).

You need to bring athletic attire and an adventurous attitude!


you do not need your crossfit level 1 trainers course to participate. If you would like to attend please register here.

April Foundations – Barbell 101

Nicci Pushing through 13.4 – photo credit Callendar girl

Barbell 101 – Sunday, April 14th

9:00am – 11:30am


Come learn the Elements of CrossFit with May as he runs his first foundations seminar!

This seminar will deliver a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program and can be seen as CrossFit 101. We offer a seamless integration into a group class where the concentration becomes more refinement of technique and development of athletic capacities.

1. Back Squat
2. Front Squat
3. Overhead Squat
4. Shoulder Press
5. Push Press
6. Push Jerk
7. Deadlift
8. Sumo Deadlift
9. KB Swing



Price: Members $FREE$  (1st Foundations)  / Members $10 (subsequent Foundations) / Non Members $40


*** We will be capping the registrants at 15,  make sure to register to save your space ***

Remember that the seminar is not just for new athletes. The seminar is for all members to freshen up on your technique! If you are a new member, it is required that you attend minimum one Foundation Seminar within your first month of classes.

CF Open wrap up Thank you Party – Tomorrow (Sunday) starting at 1pm.  Sandy and I have picked up burgers, smokies, fruit, salad and treats for you.  Please bring something that you would like to share with the crew.   Westshore crew, come out and join us!