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You are what you eat!  // Browsing posts in You are what you eat!

Are you taking Vitamin I?

Are you a Vitamin I popper when you are really sore from a workout?  If so, take a read of this article posted by CrossFit San Fransisco.  Thanks for the post Kath! Get Off The Ibuprofen Peoples! Hey Kelly, At the seminar you said no more ibuprofen, so I stopped. But what should I take […]


Get your Paleo E-book!

Looking for a quick start to following a Paleo Diet? Are you looking for the Paleo basics, and some help in getting started? Are you doing a Paleo Challenge? Get our Quickstart Guide that includes 6 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists. Plus, over 100 recipes and over 50 pages introducing you to the […]


Unethical Fish Oil Companies BUSTED!

Not all fish oils products are created equal – (original photo courtesy of Krill Oil Dangers) We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of taking fish oil for health and recovery.  But what if the fish oil you have isn’t the best?  Take a look at this interesting article from CrossFit AI: Unethical Fish Oil […]


Did you think these were healthy?

What things SHOULDN’T you put in your shopping cart? Here is an article from my American Council on Exercise newsletter.  Believe it or not, sometimes they actually have interesting things to say other than how to do bicep curls and crazy things with Kettlebells OTHER than a swing… This one is for those Non-Paleo peeps […]


Chocolate, Continued: Choosing The Right Kind

Image courtesy of Adlib CHOOSING THE RIGHT KIND OF CHOCOLATE Choosing the right kind of chocolate will provide many health benefits that make it not only “good for you” but better for your body than most of the fruits and vegetables your mother made you eat when you were a child.” In general, the healthiest […]