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Cave month-the details…

03 Jan Posted by in Challenges | 23 comments

Hi Zone family,

I know you have been all waiting patiently for the details of the Zone’s Cave Month.  I have been doing some research and what surprises me the most is how much inconsistency there is out there about what exactly qualifies as Paleo food and what is “not allowed”.  I think there may be discussion around this topic, but this is the most consistent definition in the literature I could find (I feel like people are going to throw bacon at me-yummy bacon):

How the month will work-the month begins January 6th and will finish February 4th, 2012.

Come to the gym on Friday, January 6th @ 6:30pm or Saturday, January 7th @ 1:00pm for measurements including some fun baseline wods.

Define your goals – are you living paleo to the letter of the law or are you allowed a little necessary item – see zones listed below.

You will spend a month with only the sustenance allowed through the paleo diet as described in the link, after which, you will be retested to see if you had any physical improvement.  Final testing will be February 3rd & 4th.

The Zones:

Rx: following to the law-only foods on the allowed list, nothing from the moderation or avoid list

Z5: as Rx but coffee is allowed to get you through the day and maybe a sip of alcohol (but don’t indulge)

Z4: allowing sweet potatoes or yams to fuel you with those extra carbohydrates

Z3: dairy products, including whey are allowed

Z2: Rice & oats are allowed, the gluten free option

Z1: Scale as needed, but you must define what you can’t eat before

One thing you may want to do is blog or document your progress.  Post a link so we can support you and you can support others.

QOD: Are you up for it??  What is the hardest food/group for you to give up?

Have you registered for the rowing Seminar on Sunday?  Register next time you are in the gym.  There are limited spaces available in the Beginner seminar.  Still room in the Intermediate seminar.

Class Schedule is back to regular!  Check out the classes

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Snatch Balance 5 x 3 reps increasing weight each set

Warmup to deadlift weight, adding in any MWODs to help you get into the proper deadlift postion

WOD – “Diane”

21-15-9 Rep Rounds for time of:

  • Deadlift (155/225)
  • Handstand pushups (head to floor, kipping allowed)

Zone 5: Scale deadlift to 135/205

Zone 4: Scale deadlift to 115/175, handstand pushups to 15lb plate

Zone 3: Scale deadlift to 95/135, modify hspu’s as needed but stay inverted

Zone 2: Scale deadlift to 65 / 95lbs; modify hanstand pushups as needed

Zone 1: Scale deadlift as needed

Cash Out – MWOD 42

Mwod: 2 min of side to side hip grinders
2 min each side lateral hammies
2 min each side front of hip stretch of your choice

Practice hollow rocking. 10 sec on/off x 10 rounds

[yframe url=’’]

Workout of the Day

  1. brigit01-03-12

    i am in-i find that i really need to be accountable for my nutrition. the most difficult part for me is giving up cheese-which i totally love and also finding easy convenient protein travellable protein sources. i can only eat so many eggs and my protein sources are limited by not eating seafood.

    • Shannon (Bones)01-04-12

      Brigit, I'm in the EXACT same boat!!

  2. linds01-03-12

    b – i find the same thing. eggs can get boring but i find scrambling them with different combos of veggies & meat helps keep them a bit more exciting (for instance i make "hawaiian" eggs with ham, pineapple, green peppers & red onions)…. i also don't eat seafood or much fish so you've got to get a little bit creative but stir fry's are fabulous!!!!

    i'm also in. though i think i'm at zone 3 cause i just re-introduced some dairy – just whey & greek yogurt though. NO ICE CREAM – it makes me feel yucky & even though it's SO delicious i can't have any!!!!

    i thought giving up cheese would be the hardest but i really don't notice it until i'm out at a restaurant & then getting your meal cheese-less seems to take the deliciousness out of it. i do often miss sandwiches though!

  3. Deanna Whiteley01-03-12

    Please note that I changed the time for Saturday testing to 1pm.

  4. Paolo Sinats01-03-12

    Ummm…. I LOVE the idea of the Paleo challange, and fully support anyone undertaking this as a lifestyle (one which I have been following for a couple years I might add).

    However, although I realize you addressed inconsistancies around what "list of foods" is allowed (according to various sources), I think this particular list SUCKS!!! Six eggs per week?!? Are you kidding me?!? Why? With only "lean meats" (No bacon?!?) and with oils listed in the "moderation" section means, to do this Rx, you will be eating lean meat and no oil?!? Yet (high sugar) fruit is unlimited?!? So… skip the eggs for breakfast and eat sugary fruit? Rediculous! This will promote a high carb/low fat diet witch is the antithesis of the paleo "dietary fat as primary fuel" paradigm. Paleo diets are all fundamentally high fat/low carb, fruit has been hybridized/genetically engineered for high sugar content above all other factors.

    Like I said I love the idea, but think that someone like legendary Paleo guru, and CossFitter, Rob Wolf's (author of "The Paleo Diet Solution") "perscription" is a better fit for those who really want to see how a paleo diet can truly transform their bodies. Because eating no oil, almost no eggs, and only "lean" meat, while loading up on sugary fruit isn't going to do it!

    Please check out: – Has links to shopping lists, food choices etc.

    also, for posts specifically related to CrossFit have a look at:

    • Deanna Whiteley01-04-12

      Thanks Paolo! Like b said, it is very hard to come up with a list as there is so much controversy on this topic. I think the best plan is to eat clean, unprocessed, healthy meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds with a good balance of all the macro-nutrients! lol

      All the links everyone has posted are great resources. Thanks!

      • Paolo01-04-12

        I agree Dee! And I didn't mean to go on a rant, or in any way critize b personally, it is just that I have seen many people try a "paleo style" diet but fail to see the really dramatic results possible.

        From my experience it is usually because they are still stuck in a low fat mindset (take the skin off chicken?!?), while continuing to consume a lot of fruit and "paleo" sweetners (agave, honey, maple surup etc.) in pseudo-paleo baked goods and desserts.

        Eating low carb, and thereby getting your insulin system under control, is – I believe – the real key to truly realizing the benefits of the challange. As a wise man once said "Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar"!

        • Chris Callendar01-05-12

          Are you sure your name isn't Paleo Sinats? That's what I read first…

  5. Scott01-03-12

    Another good read for diet and training is John Welbourns' blog

    Also check out Robb Wolfs forum there's a section just for beginners on the Paleo diet, and it helps answers alot of beginners questions, and if your serious about doing the Paleo thing go out and buy his book

  6. Tisha01-03-12

    Craig & I own the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf… if anybody wants to borrow it?

  7. Wendy01-03-12

    I'm in, with something resembling zone 4…. no alcohol or coffee though (don't drink much/any anyway). I won't be limiting oils or eggs either. Breakfast would be way too difficult with only 6 eggs a week.

    Yogurt is going to be the biggest difficulty for me…. It's a second-breakfast staple!

  8. linds01-04-12

    another great tidbit of info here
    this gives a good overview of some different takes on the paleo diet…..

  9. Deanna Whiteley01-04-12

    I am in, I am just not sure what Zone I am going to do yet…

  10. Jeannette01-04-12

    I'm going to give this a go. I'm thinking of a modified zone 5, as I like my coffee (however, I'm happy to skip the alcohol). I'm not going to restrict my eggs or oil either.

  11. Paolo01-05-12

    A quick note on oils. Although fundamentally paleo diets are high fat, this does NOT mean free wheeling on vegetable oil (if possible avoid canola, corn, safflower, sunflower, etc. – and certainly margarine!). These are highly processed sources of PUFA's, stick with olive, coconut, avocado and the like (or even butter for those who are planning to include high fat dairy).

    Remember sugars are the problem, and fats are the solution!!

  12. Chris Callendar01-06-12

    I was discussing the cave month to some other runners and explained that I plan to follow Zone 4 – allowing starches like sweet potatoes and yams. Another person replied and said "You are describing exactly the Perfect Health Diet. There is a very nice picture at the top which explains what you can and can't eat. Pretty similar.

    Let's see if I can include the image in the comment here:
    <img src="; width="550" height="625"/>

    • Chris Callendar01-06-12

      Hmm, nope that failed. Anyway, the image is at the top of the page at this link:

      • Sarah W01-06-12

        I like this. I like this a lot.

    • Jim01-07-12

      I've got the Perfect Health Diet book if anybody is interested in borrowing it. (you can buy the PDF on their web site if you're so inclined).

      the PHD is very "sciency" … if you chose to delve into it … but you don't need to go all biochemist to understand what they're proposing.

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