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06 Feb Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

Welcome back kids, it’s the hip-hop professor Flex Diamonds aka Too Built For Cuban Linx aka Young Bladez, back again to supply the fiends. This week we got The Chef Raekwon on deck, with a lesson in Criminology.

Corey Woods aka Raekwon is one of the original members of the hip-hop super group The Wu-Tang Clan. Like many of the other members of Wu-Tang Woods was born and raised in Staten Island (aka Shaolin), New York. Wu-Tang is regarded by many (including myself) to be the greatest rap group ever assembled, pumping out hits and incredible lyrics since ’92. One of the most interesting things about the group was the way they structured their record deal: The Clan was signed as a group to Loud, but could negotiate individual solo deals with whatever other labels they wanted. Method Man signed with Def Jam, Ghostface Killah went with Sony, and you get the picture, Rae ended up staying on Loud for his solo venture. In 1995 he dropped the solo album Only Built For Cuban Linx on Loud. The album was released with rave reviews, but failed to have the same kind of commercial success as other fellow Wu members.

So here is my personal favourite song of the album Only Built For Cuban Linx, which, by the way, was produced in its entirety by Wu founder The Rza. Criminology by Raekwon, listen and enjoy y’all!

[yframe url=’’]

Workout of the Day


7min AMRAP:
3 DL/3 MCL/3 HCL/3 FS/3 PP/3 BTNJ/3 GM


DL w/2 count pause at knee 5×5 E3M @ 50-70%


20min AMRAP:
1 DL/1 CL/1 FS/1 J

*Done as an unbroken set – If the bar leaves your hands start the round over

RX: 155/225
Zone 3: 125/185
Zone 2: 85/135
Zone 1: scale as needed


Pigeon pose – 2min/side

Smash/roll hip flexors & glutes

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