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Conway’s Way: House of Lies

Alright all You beautiful people its That time again for yet another NETFLIX AND CHILL suggestion. This week I am going with the series ‘House of Lies’. If you like the series ‘Suits’ don’t read any further, this show is just
as good. If thats not the case, well, here’s an explanation of what the show is all about. Don Cheadle or Marty Kaan is a massive narcissist with a God complex who is one of the top business consultants out there. He pretty
much doesn’t give a fudge about anyone but getting his. Plenty of shenanigans, hi jinx and tom foolery and over all just a weird supporting cast. Do you know what? The show works. It’s great! Shut up and watch it.
There’s not really that much tom foolery. Lots of emotional terrorism not on you the audience but people in the show.


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