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CrossFit According to Katie

02 Jun Posted by in CrossFit Kids | 10 comments

Here’s a peek at Katie’s original work…

Awhile back, I made a post about what the word C-R-O-S-S-F-I-T meant to me.  This past weekend while we were away at the Regionals competition, CrossFit Kids Zone’s very own Katie Lee (8 yrs) was inspired to write about what the word “CrossFit” meant to her, personally.  After spending her weekend at the Games competition as a spectator alongside her family, she came up with the following:


C – Competitive

R – Resiliant

O – Olympic

S – Super

S – Solid

F – Fit

I – Incredible

T – Team

I love that, through the eyes of a child, CrossFit is all about being resiliant and solid, mixed with a blend of competitiveness and team spirit.  That tells me what we’re doing something right in the way we share our love of fitness with the kids in our Zone community!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Katie. 🙂

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Hang Squat Clean practice

  • Coach demo with progressions
  • 5 x 5 with increasing load (but do not go heavy)
  • ?

WOD:  Jumbalaya

4 rounds of:

  • 30 sec AMRAP strict chin-ups (palms facing you) – no kicking, minimize swinging
  • 30 sec rest
  • 30 sec AMRAP strict burpees (jump onto 45lb plate with full extension and perfect pushup from toes each rep)
  • 30 sec rest
  • 30 sec row @ rate 28 for max calories (28 strokes per minute – stay as close to this as possible – slow down the movement forward but keep the power on the way back)
  • 30 sec rest
  • Low score from each station combined is your score for the day

Zone 2 – scale to pushups from knees in burpees, assisted pullups

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-Out: FTL stretches

Workout of the Day

  1. Erika06-02-11

    Thanks for posting Katie’s work Shannon. Seeing our boxes kids – their passion, enthusiasm, and spirit is SO incredibly inspiring.
    Here’s another little motivational thing from a kid who just mastered riding his bike… words to live by!

  2. KDF06-02-11

    Love this!! Yay Katie!

  3. Wendy06-02-11

    Awesome! Good work Katie!

    love the video Erika (‘thumbs up everybody! Rock and Roll!’)

  4. Michelle06-02-11

    That video is AWESOME!
    Great work Katie! It was great cheering with you this weekend.. soon enough it’ll be you out there we’re cheering for:)

  5. b06-02-11

    Great turnout for last nights mental training seminar-i think Christie gave us a lot to think about and some techniques that we can use. i am working on becoming more “self aware”!

  6. Josh06-02-11

    Cool video. A reminder to come see “Every second counts The Movie” at UVic Cinecenta June 15th. You can buy tickets below. Bring a non crossfitter to introduce them to this great fitness regime.

  7. Rachel06-02-11

    Oh that video is sooo good!

  8. Michelle06-03-11

    Katie is a firebreather in the making, already doing butterfly kipping pullups

    (this is Cam by the way 🙂

  9. Kingsley06-03-11

    Inspiration, motivation, commitment, and determination are fleeting and nebulous qualities at most times, and I find the barriers and limitations I perceive are mainly self-imposed. What I hope to see in myself as a better athlete would be no fear, no self doubt, no concern of the future, but the ability to channel my singular focus on Now, the present. I see this ability in my daughter and son, who will likely teach me more about myself and how I should live my life than from any book.

    What Kandas and I have found so touching and moving with this weekend was the many friends who touched our lives by sharing theirs with us and our children. I had no concerns with my kids at all this weekend, as I knew that there was a whole Zone of friends looking out for them. All of your cheering for our kids was so heartwarming and so inspiring to all of us, as we cheered and watched all of you in your WODs. I hope what they take from this weekend is to have the determination, the self-belief, and the will to see through any challenge life presents with dignity and honour, and not to forget to encourage and inspire others along the way.

    This is what I feel CrossFit has given all of us, and that is what Katie saw and wrote; I hope we can only return the favour.

  10. KDF06-03-11

    AMEN!! Well said Kingsley! This part made my heart-ache “I see this ability in my daughter and son, who will likely teach me more about myself and how I should live my life than from any book. ” Beautiful.

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