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December WOD-Killah!

To finish off the 2011 year with a bang, we’d like to announce our December WOD-Killah: A big hurray for Zoner May Pongpitpitak!

May is the type of person who makes it really tough for you NOT to smile when you see him.  He has a gentle determination about him that is really inspiring, and sticks to his goals with seeming ease.  May has been an active part of the Zone community, as well as an inspiration of strength to those that have worked out with him.

We’re proud of all you’ve accomplished in your time at the Zone, May!  Congrats on making WOD-Killah of the month!

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Class Times: 7:00a.m., 9:30a.m., & 5:30p.m. classes only

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Hang Squat snatch 6 x 2 reps

  • Increase weight each set (only if you are getting under the bar with speed)
  • We want to stay away from a power snatch & overhead squat

WOD -“Baseline”

It is time to test your Baseline to see how you have improved since the last time you completed it!  It looks like the  last time we did the Baseline test it was February 2011.   I know it is not a nice Christmas present that I am throwing it in right after all the Christmas treats, but oh well!

For time:

  • 500M Row
  • 40 Squats
  • 30 Situps
  • 20 Pushups
  • 10 Pullups

Zone 2:  assisted pullups, pushups from knees.

Zone 1:  scale workout as needed

If the class is split up into two heats, Heat 2 stay warm with skipping, burpees, dynamic leg movements etc.  When Heat 1 is completed, work on a goat or start stretching and rolling out.

Cash Out – MWOD 38 – Sleeping: Neck, shoulders and pillows discussion.  Followed by:

Happy baby stretch
Lacrosse ball, roll out 1st rib
Shin splint stretch

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Workout of the Day

  1. Shannon (Bones)12-27-11

    A big thumbs up to you, May! 🙂

    • Shannon12-27-11

      PS – This MWOD video was made for me. I A.L.W.A.Y.S. have a bad neck and shoulders from sleeping!!!

  2. Kath12-27-11

    May, I love seeing your smile and your flexibility and goal setting is inspiring. Very glad you're a part of the Zone family!

  3. Jim12-27-11

    Well done May. The only thing that video needed was some footage of you doing your crazy, effortless strict pullups!!!


    Ryan – another fun video. Thanks.

  4. Erika12-27-11

    Love you May! You are a constant source of fun, light, joy, and sheer work ethic. Inspiring all around! Congratulations – WELL DESERVED! 😀
    (and yes Ryan, your videos rock!)

  5. Cam12-27-11

    Maybudday! Awesome to see your efforts and energy immortalized in video… I remember when you first showed up at the Zone and you sure have made some amazing leaps and bounds in skill and strength. Glad to see you're going strong, keeping focused, and adapting as needed… nice work 🙂

  6. Linds12-27-11

    yay may! very well deserved. your smile & determination are truly amazing.

  7. Nicci12-28-11

    So well deserved May- you are such an inspiration and continue to amaze and crush your goals one by one! Sure do miss your beaming smile and positiveness in the am classes…. looking forward to watching your CF growth and accomplishments in 2012!!

  8. gregr12-28-11

    good job May!

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