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Enough with all the running….

CrossFit Victoria BC - last day of the 7 day marathon

I know that you are probably sick of hearing about running!  BUT…. here is some more for ya!

We were genetically ingrained to run ultramarathons like Rob and Donald.  NO WAY that can’t be true!  If  you want to eat the paleolithic diet, then you might as well live the full paleolithic life.  A human will never run faster that an animal that it is trying to hunt down, that is why we were designed to run long distances, we need to out run the animal.

“Today, endurance running is primarily a form of exercise and recreation, but its roots may be as ancient as the origin of the human genus, the scientists conclude in the article.” – NY Times

Check out the article in New York Times explaining just this.

Our physiques were desdigned for running long distances.  “Dr. Lieberman, a paleontologist, explained: ‘Your gluteus maximus stabilizes your trunk as you lean forward in a run.  A run is like a controlled fall, and the buttocks help to control it.’ “

Don’t forget the POSE Seminar is tomorrow (Saturday, October 24th 12pm – 5pm, Location TBA)

7 marathons in 7 days!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – practice a goat for 10 minutes

WOD –  “Deadlift foundations”

*coach will lead technique with pvc then you will perform weighted reps of the following exercises:

SDHP 3×10
Deadlift 3×8

Cash Out – 3 rounds for time of 10 OHS (65/95), 10 box jumps (30/24), 10
knees to elbows. Scale as needed.

9 thoughts to “Enough with all the running….”

  1. I’ve read about that theory before, but I’m not fully convinced. If I run a marathon distance in order to hunt down an animal via the animal being too tired to continue, then I’m going to expend a tremendous amount of calories. The calories I get back from the animal better be worth it.

    Elephants in the wild will actually avoid hills even if there’s plenty of food at the top because they have to burn too many calories getting themselves up the hill.

  2. I tend to agree with you Sean… I figure humans worked much like wolves – we used our brains and “team” mentality/strategy to corner/trap prey as opposed to chasing it over miles and miles.

    Remember, humans are just like any animal – we look for the easiest way to get food, not the hardest!

    I do agree that most of us have the ability to run long though and that it was definitely a useful quality for us to have in our early development.


  3. I find myself agreeing with Cam and Sean. One would think that a common game animal would have better stamina than the average Fred Flinstone, even over a long distance. I think the gym should invest in various game fauna (deer, moose, elk and the like) so we can test this theory!

  4. hey gang,

    Just thought that the article was interesting! Looks like it was a very controversial topic which is great to get everyone posting 😉

    Lets here everyone’s opinion!

    How does everyone like the video that Donald put together?

  5. thought I would be able to do the WOD for today, but i’m way to sore to have to do more squats, the squats from yesterday’s WOD did me in 🙂

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