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Extra Equipment?

03 Aug Posted by in Misc. Info | Comments

It seems like there is becoming a trend to wearing supportive gear while doing cross fit. I’ve noticed the biggest increase in the use of knee sleeves in the last year, since a majority of the games athletes were sporting the typically blue or grey bands. Kinesiotape, wrist wraps, and powerlifting belts are becoming everyday wear for some crossfitters.  Is there any actual advantage to wearing or using these tools? Have we just adopted their use because we have seen the pro’s use them? The Crossfit journal published an article on the topic a little while ago that give a decent summary of the pro’s, con’s, and the benefit (actual or perceived) they give.



What are your thoughts?


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Workout of the Day

Warm up-

3 rounds:

50 single skips

10 squats

7 kettlebell swings

5 wall balls



Teams of 2

Row or run 2k (only one person running at a time)

Then immediately:



Thrusters (65/95)


-only one person running at a time, each person must complete a full Fran workout. Break up as needed.


Solo challenge

row 1000m

run 800m

then immediately after:




pull ups



Foam roll your quads, stretch your shoulders

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