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Flossing the Anterior chain

02 Jul Posted by in Mobility | Comments

For all those athletes that have super tight hip flexors (psoas) and have a forward chest lean in their squats, here is a variation of my fav banded distraction hip complex!

Check out the video and give it a try and let me know what you think 🙂

Coaches Notes:

  • We did this workout June 6th, we would like to see you challenge yourself by lifting heavier (5-10lbs more) this time around.
  • The focus still is on perfect form for each rep and muscular strength rather than endurance.  This means, choosing a heavier weight and doing less rounds.
  • Choose a weight that you can do a round every 1 -2 minutes.  If you are completing 20 or more rounds (and you are not RX), then you have scaled too much.

Workout of the Day


*Last 30 on post without band


3 Rounds of Cindy


AMRAP: 20mins
1 Deadlift
1 Squat Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Jerk

Rx: 135/205
Zone 3 – 80-90% of jerk 1RM
Zone 2 – 70-80% of jerk 1RM
Zone 1 – scale as needed


Hip flexor stretch w/ banded distraction 2mins/side
Foam roll your hamstrings

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