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Funny… Or Not?

15 Jun Posted by in Fun Facts | 11 comments

Coach Dee and The Tara-rizer get silly during the CrossFit Camping Trip in July ’09

As you may be well aware, I like to keep things lighthearted. And what better way to do that than by posting really bad CrossFit jokes? 😉 I already made one post with some CrossFit jokes a looooong time ago, and have since seen a couple more courtesy of CrossFit Watertown. So consider this “Installment Numero Deux”:

Q: What’s the difference between the average bodybuilder and the average CrossFitter?
A: 4 years of college.

Q: Thruster?
A: Are you crazy? I barely know her!

Q: What do you call a CrossFitter snatching 200 lbs?
A: Anything he damn well pleases.

And for the lovers of American politics:

A CrossFitter, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain walk into a bar. Hillary orders a single-malt scotch. Barack orders white wine. McCain gets a beer. The CrossFitter orders one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer.
The three politicians look over in shock.
“What the hell are you doing?” asks Hillary.
“Man, you’re supposed to eat healthy, drink healthy, be healthy!” adds Obama.
The CrossFitter replies, “If you had to vote for one of you three jokers, you’d be drinking heavy too.”

Q: What do you call a WOD that includes 4 rounds of Fran, the Filthy Fifty, Linda, Kelly, and Fight Gone Bad?
A: Death. Dude, that’s not even funny. Don’t give them any ideas.

Q: What did one blonde say to the other during the WOD?
A: You know, I’ve been watching that box for almost an hour and it hasn’t jumped yet.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Nicole Carroll.
Nicole Carroll who?
Wow, you really haven’t been paying attention, have you?

And, finally, the shortest CrossFit joke in the world:
A CrossFitter walks into a bar.

I know, they’re enough to make you groan out loud, aren’t they! Think you can do better? Post to comments below with your original jokey creations. (I’m expecting big things from you especially, Craig R.!)


Today’s Workout

Buy-in: 4 x 10 pvc dislocates, 5 inchworms, 5 goblet squats, 10 step-down box jumps

Then – warm up towards your WOD weight – in most classes there will be two heats.

WOD:  Athlete’s Choice – Isabel or Grace

Isabel and Grace are two iconic crossfit workouts.  They both involve lifting 95/135lb and both for 30 reps – the only difference being how the weight gets lifted overhead.  While most solid crossfit athletes have no problem with Grace – the clean and jerk version, Isabel can pose a problem since all of the reps have to be snatches!

So if you have a technically sound ability to perform snatches, give Isabel a shot, scaled to your level.  If you prefer to do cleans then take on Grace.  Keep in mind that both of these are meant to be fairly quick wods, so focus on the one that will let you finish in under 7 minutes or so.

Grace – 30 reps for time of – Clean and Jerk (or press/push press) at 95/135lb

Zone 4 – 15 reps at 95/135 (option of another 15 at 75/115)

Zone 3 – scale to 75/115

Zone 2 – scale to 65/95

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Isabel – 30 reps for time of snatches (squat or power) at 95/135

Zone 5 – 15 reps of 95/135 (option of another 15 at 75/115)

Zone 4 – scale to 75/115

Zone 3 – scale to 65/95

Zone 2 – scale to 55/75

Zone 1 – scale as needed

GAMES PREP – this is a tester wod, bring your best effort and look for a PR!

Cash-Out: Goat practice – choose a skill that needs work and practice it for 10-15 minutes.  Ask coach for tips!

Workout of the Day

  1. Jer Bear06-15-11

    We missed out on a crossfit camping trip last summer. Lets not let another go by without one. Who’s in?

  2. Shannon (Bones)06-15-11

    Jer, I completely agree!!!

  3. Tisha06-15-11

    yaaaaaa let’s go camping!!

  4. b06-15-11

    hi jer-i am trying to get a cf camping trip organized-
    the questions are when and where
    please comment!

  5. Angry Kitten06-15-11

    FYI- Every Second Counts time change

    Time: Wednesday, June 15 · 8:30pm – 11:00pm
    Location: UVIC Cinecenta
    Location: 3800 Finnerty Rd

  6. craigger06-15-11

    Yay, camping.

    I will be no help deciding where, never camped in BC before.

  7. Jer D06-16-11

    Look into Horseshoe Bend Group Site – it’s by the Cowichan river. It’s a private site w/ parking. Manicured tent pads. Covered area w/ a wood stove and about 8 picnic tables. Big fire pit, and it’s PRIVATE.

    We camped there about a month ago with about 14 people, came to about 40 a head for 3 nights. It’s a pretty sweet spot.

  8. Craigger06-16-11

    I have no jokes. I am sorry.

  9. Jer Bear06-16-11

    Jer D that sounds sweet. Cowichan is definately the place to go. Not to far for a day trip if you can’t stay over night. Is the site tent only? Or can I bring my camper?

  10. Jer Bear06-16-11

    There is also some pretty good riding up that way as well!

  11. Jer D06-17-11

    Nope theres about 5-6 parking spots right down by the site, and a few up top so Campers should be ok…

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