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Get your tastes buds ready!

04 Feb Posted by in Events | Comments

For the best chili chefs out there who will prepare their chili for all to enjoy. 3 judges will crown the winner. We will also have the Superbowl on so bring a deck chair, a blanket, and any tailgating supplies you might need to help wash down the food and get rowdy for the game. This is a spirited event and there is no such thing as taking it too far. Friends, family, and all round good folks are welcome from 2-5pm tomorrow.

Workout of the Day

Context: Practice

Mobility: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: fun game

Metabolic Conditioning: “Cuatro Tacos”

35 minute AMRAP – Teams of 4 people

6 rope climbs (2 lay downs = 1 climb) – one person at a time

200m run with medball – (one ball shared between partners) OR 20′ out 20′ back run with medball, 5 reps each partner (one partner runs, other rests, pass the ball and rotate as desired – throwing the ball less than 10 feet is desired) – Two pairs at once
40 Sit-up with med ball pass – only partner holding the ball does the sit up – two pairs at once
30 shoulder press – one person at a time
40 dumbbell ground to overhead -two people can work at the same time
60 med ball goodmornings  – one person at a time

**INDY VERSION** AMRAP in 25 min

2 rope climbs
100m run with ball
10 medball sit-ups
6 shoulder press
10 dumbbell ground to overhead
15 medball goodmornings
4 sled push
1 min rest


Performance: 14/20lb wb, 75/115lb bb, 35/55 lb dbs
Athletic: 10/14lb wb, 55/75lb bb, 20/35lb dbs
Health: 8/10lb wb, 35/44lb bb, 15/20lb dbs

Scaling Guide: 2.5 – 4 rounds

Compare to: NEW WORKOUT!

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