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Hp Sunday /open gym

02 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Sean has to work on Sunday so tomorrow will be more of an open gym format. Still lots of work to get done so be ready to go! 9:30 start as per usual

Workout of the Day

Strength: Bench press 5×5

Super Set: Reverse flys 5×8


For time – 6 rounds (plus a “game changer”)

8 push press 75/115

8 Toes to bar

12 Russian Kettlebell swing 55/70

8 bootlegger burpees 15’ (a hybrid of burpees and shuttle sprints, do a burpee, run the distance, then turn around and face the lane before repeating)

1 min rest

Game Changer.  Row for Calories Between minute 20 and 23. Subtract one second for each calorie rowed. If you finish before minute 20, wait until 20min to start the row, if you finish between 20 and 23, row as many calories as possible until 23 minutes. If you finish after, no rowing.

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