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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Soon…

Hi Zoners!

Coach Lucas here. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been around the gym much lately. Since August of 2014, I’ve been hopping around the globe checking out competitions and putting on my own workshops and seminars.

It has been an amazing time of exploration and discovery, filled with plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. It is also how I’m supporting myself and eeking out an athlete’s living now!

So, it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I’m making the bitter-sweet decision to retire from coaching local CrossFit classes. In other words, I’ll no longer be leading you all through CrossFit workouts at the Zone!

I feel that I need to spend more time developing my seminar materials and content, and devote myself to training for the upcoming CrossFit Games season.

As I wrap up my coaching duties at the gym, there’s no need for any tearful goodbyes! I’ll see you around at parties and events, or maybe drop in for a CrossFit Open workout.

I started at the Zone in 2010, back in the old Herald St. garage. Since then, I’ve learned valuable lessons about training, gained amazing friends, and felt the warmth of this incredible community. I’ve seen a lot of new faces in the gym lately – so to all you fresh recruits: hold on tight! If you throw yourself into this with passion and commitment, you’ll have an amazing ride.


Coach Scoots

Workout of the Day


3 DL/3 HCL/3 FS/3 PP/3 SJ/3 BS/3 GM
AMRAP: 7 Minutes


EMOM for 10min:
-5 snatches


CrossFit Open 11.5

PCL: 5
Wall Ball: 15
AMRAP 20 Minutes

RX: 100/145, 14/20
Zone 3: 75/115, HLR
Zone 2: 55/95, 10/14, floor T2B
Zone 1: scale as needed


Thoracic spine extension over foam roller

Pnut on t-spine

  1. Craig01-22-15

    I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. Well, this is awkward now. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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