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LAST WLC Reminder!

The time has come: today at 11am is the Whole Life Challenge preliminary workout. Get ready for  kick-butt workout and some measurements. BRING YOUR BIG KID PANTS!

Workout of the Day


4 Rounds:
:15 Jumping Jack
:15 Air Squat
:15 Mountain Climber
:15 Push-up

4 Rounds:
:15 Plank
:15 Superman
:15 Side Plank
:15 Side Plank


EMOM for 10min alternate:
-5 HSPU (minute 1)
-30sec hollow hold (minute 2)


Max Reps: Burpees 1:00 (PUSH HARD)

Decrease reps by 20%
Then complete reps within a minute
Rest 1:00
10 Rounds

Zone 1: scale as needed


Coach led

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