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Looking back at 2012…

31 Dec Posted by in Just Because | 4 comments

2012 is nearing the end…  I wanted to finish off the year to give thanks to all the amazing members that we have at the Zone and all the awesome coaches and apprentices that are the glue to put it all together.  The Zone would not be the place it is if it was not for everyone one of you, so Thank You!

Our gym has grown to the largest it has ever been in 2012, YIPPEE!!!!  We have grown by 75 members! Thank goodness not everyone comes to the same class 😉 We already need a bigger box!

We started off the year with a successful games season.  We had the largest number of athletes compete in the Reebok CrossFit Open contributing to our team score to get us to Canada West Regionals.  We sent our Team (Adam, Dub, Sam, AJ, Erika, Deanna), Scoots, Lindsay and Beast.  The atheletes were cheered on by a huge group of the Zone family sporting super awesome black and bright pink shirts sponsored by Rob Cameron Law and Amrit Lalli – Investors Group.  A super huge thank you!  From their Lucas went on to compete in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games with an EPIC finish of 10th place.  Lucas is now sponsored by Rogue and has his own shirt!

We added levels to our classes to make sure that all the athletes get the attention and coaching that they need to reach their goals.  We added three beginner classes for those that are new to CrossFit and still dialing in the basics.  We also added an Advanced class for those athletes that are wanting to take their training to the next level and potentially compete!

There were so many great achievements in the box during 2012.  Everyone of you should be proud of yourselves.  I have never seen so many ring and bar muscle up first and PR`s in the box.  Keep up the hard work 😀

Please make sure to keep your eye on the Monthly ZoneLetter where we feature a few of the PR`s as well as post the Daily and Weekly leaderboard on our FaceBook page.

Some Zoners took part in their first Whole Life Challenge and it was a great success with so many amazing results and experiences.  We are looking forward to the next one in February 2013.

We also were able to save up to by the gym some new equipment,  throughout the year we bought a  super awesome clock (now secure to the wall 😉 ), new KB`s (70lbs & 88lbs), new DB`s and dynamax balls.  What would you like to see at the box in 2013?

I am sure I missed a few great events or memories.  Please feel free to share with us your memories of 2012 and any major achievements you had in the comments!

Reminder there is only a 9:30am class today and January 1st the gym is closed.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Coach led mobility and dynamic warmup

WOD – CrossFit Open 11.4

10 minute AMRAP of:

60 bar-facing barhop burpees
30 overhead squats (90/120)
10 muscle ups (full turnout for each rep with straight arm)

Zone 4 – scale muscle ups to chest to bar pullups (20 reps = 10 muscle ups)
Zone 3 – scale overhead squat weight to 65/95, sub 20 regular pullups for 10 muscle ups
Zone 2 – scale overhead squat weight as needed, 20 assisted pullups
Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash Out – 5 x 10 toes to bar


Workout of the Day

  1. Kevin01-01-13

    Happy New Year!
    For 2013, I would love to see lifting classes!

  2. Kevin01-01-13

    Happy New Year! Congratulations on the major achievements this year!
    For 2013, I would love to see lifting classes!

  3. crossfitzone01-02-13

    Happy New Year!

    Kevin, not Open gym? Actual classes where you learn to lift? When are you thinking?

  4. crossfitzone01-02-13

    Also in 2012… we added 2 more coaches to our team…. Craig and Jon!

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