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Maybe You Can’t, But You WILL.

Obviously there are more than enough motivating CrossFit videos out there in internet land these days.  But I saw this one and thought it was especially relevant to our box, since we have so many new members joining our ranks as of late.  If you’ve ever wondered what sets CrossFit apart from any other fitness program, watch this, and it should make everything more clear:

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Just think of what you’re capable of doing if you only set your mind to it!  Perhaps right now there are many things out of reach for you. But with persistence, soon you will be able to reach them!

Today’s Workout

Buy in – rope climb and cartwheel practice, what a combo!
* 3 x 5(R), 5(L) cartwheels
* 3 x 5 rope climbs or progressions

Make sure that your shoulders and hips are warm before beginning! Coaches, if the class is not warm, give them a warmup.

WOD – “Rocket Boats”

5 rounds:

  • 250m row
  • Max effort unbroken thrusters (65/95)

Rest 1 min

Cash Out – 5 minutes total of plank holds. Coaches, mix it up!

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