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Men’s Right to Suffrage and Equality WOD Reminder

Just a reminder that today’s 10am class is a special celebration WOD for mama-to-be Meghan. Come out, strap a weight to your torso and have some fun! If you’ve got a sturdy backpack or weight vest, bring it!

Workout of the Day


Partner med ball warm-up


EMOM for 10min:

-6 Power clean & push jerk


Partner Holleyman*

30 (total) rounds for time of:
5 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
3 Handstand Push Ups
1 Power Clean, 225/155 lbs

*Alternate rounds with a partner for 30 total rounds (15/each)

*Can do it solo if desired

RX: 14/20, 155/225
Zone 3: 125/185, feet on box HSPU
Zone 2: 10/14, 85/135, knees on box HSPU
Zone 1: scale as needed


Band lateral opener – 2min/side

Lacrosse ball pec/shoulder

  1. Annina02-21-15

    I’m thinking that those cleans are going to be a bit harder with something bulky/heavy out in front! Should be fun 🙂

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