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Mobility Homework

Have you been doing your homework?

As we mentioned in our recent CrossFit Zone November Newsletter, the one element of fitness that seems to get overlooked the most is flexibility.  Flexibility and mobility are very important to your body if you wish to keep your muscles and joints healthy. The good news? Working to keep your body mobile can be achieved in less than 10 mins a day!

For the last while, we have been doing Kelly Starrett’s daily Mobility WODs as our Cash-Out routine in class. Many of you have been dedicatedly sticking around after the WOD and spending your time in various uncomfortable stretching positions.  We appreciate all your efforts so far!  If you haven’t been able to do stick around for the Mobility WODs, and you know deep down that you need to work on YOUR flexibility, try and make the time to complete the MWODs at home.  The videos are posted on our site daily, so you can follow along in your living room if you weren’t able to in class!  Trust us: you and your body won’t regret it.

How has everyone been finding their performance since beginning this MWOD regimen?  Are you liking it?  Hating it?  Has anyone noted any differences in their flexibility and mobility?  Tell us about it in the comments!

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – 5 rounds 2 deadlift, 2 hang clean, 2 clean drops, 2 squat clean increasing weight each round up and above the weight being used for the workout

WOD – “The Dirty Samurai”

Part 1: Clean and Jerk – Floor to overhead Ladder

  • Minute 1 – 1 rep
  • Minute 2 – 2 reps
  • Minute 3 – 3 reps

Rx- 95/135

Zone 3- 75/115

Zone 2-55/95

Zone 1- Scale as Needed

Games Prep- 105/155

Highest round fully completed is your score.

_ _ _

Part 2: Full tabata sequence of Double Crunch

Zone 1: Scale to regular Sit Ups

Games Prep: V – Snap sit ups

Lowest # completed is your score.  Score each part separately


Cash Out – MWOD 20 – Low back hips and groin

Test: Squat
Mob: 4 min on the high flexion
6 min exploring badass pigeon
Retest: Squat
Bonus: Try this Mwod before you hit the sack and see if your hips and low back don’t feel better in the am.

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Workout of the Day

  1. Cam12-06-11

    There's a wod in MFT called "Mikko" that has the floor to overhead part in it already – check that for some scores to beat!

  2. Gregr12-06-11

    Good call Cam, I remember that. I like mobility.

  3. Chris Callendar12-06-11

    I'm enjoying the MWODs. I think it's good to be exposed to them so that we know how to work on our problem areas. And to be "forced" to stretch is never a bad thing 🙂

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