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We made it through another cycle!

We’re pulling back on the reigns this week and deloading – we will still have a strength component in class, but the emphasis will be on Olympic weightlifting technique, not necessarily all out strength and power. If you’ve been lifting hard and WOD’ing over the past few weeks, now’s your chance to ease off the gas and recover – no need to go all Klokov on it!

Workout of the Day


BB Complex: 7min AMRAP of DL/HCL/FS/PP/PJ/BS


Clean & Jerk technique: EMOM for 15min


15min AMRAP:

-400m run

-50m overhead walk (DBs or KBs)

-25m rack lunge (DBs or KBs)

RX – 35#/55#
Zone 3 – 25#/45#
Zone 2 – 15#/30#
Zone 1 – scale as needed


Roll/smash thoracic spine/scaps

Thoracic extension over foam roller

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