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April Showers, Bring May…

01 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

Power Snatches! We are on day 6 of 14 of our strength cycle.

Coaching Tips: Power snatch to overhead squat is acceptable for all levels, but squat snatches are preferred if they can be done with correct form. For severe mobility issues, a power/muscle clean plus front squat should be used (at a slightly larger load). Ring dips need to have full lock out at the top and the bicep/ shoulder should touch the top of the ring every rep. Practice kipping before the workout starts if you don’t have this skill down yet. Push the pace on the shuffles to keep the intensity up. Getting complacent here will slow the workout down significantly and reduce intensity!

Workout of the Day

Context: Competition

Mobility: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 min working up to a challenging squat snatch plus OHS (80-90%) or do 3 reps on the minute at 50-60% for 6 min.

Strength: 6×3 Power Snatch – 6 of 14, same weight across, approximately 75 – 85% of max power snatch

Super Set: 6×5 Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Shoulder Press, “across,” scale to the same challenge

Metabolic Conditioning: “Hail to the King”

For time: 5 Rounds
4 squat snatch
6 ring dips
20′ lateral shuffle X 10 (5 round trips) 1 hand line touch each rep

Performance: 65/95 lbs
Athletic: 45/65 lbs, 3 ring dips
Health: 34/45 lbs, power snatch + OHS, 3 ring dip

Scaling guide: 6-10 min. 1.5 min per round
Scale up: 85/135lbs, 2/4 Muscle up instead of ring dips

Compare to: October 12, 2016

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 50m farmer carry, 15 burpees, 3 rounds

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