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Movie Night at the Zone!

15 Feb Posted by in Events | 5 comments

Coach Sean has organized a movie night at the Zone!  Sorry for the late notice, but if you don’t have any plans for Saturday, February 18th at 8pm. Come down to the Zone to watch a comedy flick by request – Dodgeball!

What you need to bring:

  • Dress warm
  • Bring a blanket or sleeping bag to keep you cozy
  • A chair to sit in if you don’t want to sit on a box or ball
  • Snacks to share – optional

We will be opening the doors at 7:30pm and the show will begin at 8:00pm

This is a chance to hang out with your fellow Zoners out of a workout environment.  And a chance for new members to meet the family.

See you on Friday!

Reminder: Our Wednesday 5:30pm class is a Level 1 class.  For more info on the Level 1 class, check our previous post:

Today’s Workout

Buy In – 4 intervals each of Tabata Pushups and Double Crunch (alternating sets each round)

* Don’t go to complete failure on your reps, leave a couple reps in the tank.  This is just a warmup, not the workout!

WOD“Jumping Mary”

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

  • 5 HSPU’s (head to ground)
  • 10 Pistols
  • 5 chest to bar pullups
  • 10 Box Jumps (20/24)

Games prep – 24/30 inch box, consider step down box jumps to save calves
Zone 4 – scale HSPU to 1 abmat
Zone 3 – scale to regular pullups
Zone 2 – scale pistol with a band or box, scale HSPU but stay inverted, scale to assisted pullups
Zone 1 – scale HSPU to shoulder press, scale pistols to air squats, scale box to 12/20 inches

Cash Out – MWOD

* band ankle mobilty – 1-2 min each direction/each side
* 5 way shoulder stretch – 1 minute each stretch

Workout of the Day

  1. Sean02-15-12

    Gonna be a fun night! post in the comments if you think you can make it so I have an idea of how many people will be there……see ya on Saturday

  2. Deanna Whiteley02-15-12

    I think I am ready for some dodgeball!

  3. Laura Jones02-16-12

    are we just going to sleep over so we're ready for the Foundations seminar in the morning? 😉

  4. gregr02-16-12

    sorry we wont be in, have fun,, anyone know the whereabouts of Paul Lance?????

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