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No Apology

The following article comes from Crossfit Lisbeth’s WOD (Words Of the Day) Blog, check out the page, there’s lots more to enjoy 🙂


No Apology

Posted by Lisbeth on Jun 2, 2011 in Essays

I won’t apologize for the cost of a CrossFit membership.

I might explain what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, the results that will come, and the overall HUGE upturn your life will take if you join my merry band.

But I won’t apologize for charging what I do, because I am worth what I charge. In fact, I am worth more.

If you want quality, it costs more. Just a fact of life.

My NY Strip steak tastes better than sirloin. Costs more too.

My locally grown eggs taste better. Cost more too.

My Citizens of Humanity jeans? Much more expensive than my Levis. Fit better and look better too.

The L.A. sports surgeon who replaced the ACL in my right knee? I don’t want to know that price. Thank God for health insurance.

And yeah, those Lulus cost more. But damn my butt looks better in them than in Adidas or Nike.

You want better, you usually have to pay. Better comes as the result of more training, greater skill, and better materials.

Quality is not cheap.

Now, if you’re paying for quality and you’re getting cheap? Then you’re making a mistake.

But not in my house. Here, you’re getting what you paid for. And more.

And if you’re not, come right up and tell me. I want to make damn sure you’re getting more than what you paid for.

Today’s Workout

Buy-in: Learning the Barbell Row

  • Back in strong position, just above parallel with floor, knees slightly bent
  • Overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder width
  • Pull bar to midsection under control, don’t “bounce” with legs or upper body
  • 10 mins – try sets of 10, building the weight up (aim for 5 sets)

WOD:  “Perpetual Motion”

This wod can be one of two things:  a.  Restorative, b.  A Good Push.  If you go the first way, keep it smooth – control your motions and work on quality. If you go the second way, pick up the pace while still maintaining great technique.  Either way, have fun!

3 rounds of:

• 10 Wallball • 10 knees to elbows • 10 pushups • 10 squats • 10 kb swings (35/55) • 10 double unders • 10 overhead squats (bar only) • 10 inverted rows (feet on level with hands) • 10 db push press (25/40) • 10 pull-ups • 10 thrusters (bar only) • 10 walking lunges

Zone 2 – scale all movements as needed

Zone 1 – scale wod as needed

Cash-Out: Foam roll and lacrosse ball all the angry bits (focus on mid-upper back behind shoulders and between shoulder blades)

Workout of the Day

  1. Jenn06-16-11

    Nice post, Cam. When I first checked out the Zone website I was kind of annoyed that the membership options weren’t posted, but had I known the fees beforehand I probably wouldn’t have emailed Shannon and gotten hooked! Now I love getting emails from Zone admin thanking me for my monthly purchase, because it means I get to keep coming to classes! I’ve learned so much about myself and made such good friends here. I’m going to go cry now because I don’t wanna leave!

  2. Shannon (Bones)06-16-11

    Jenn: YOU’RE LEAVING?!? 🙁

  3. cam06-16-11

    🙂 thanks Jenn – we don’t advertise the prices for that very reason – we want people to try it first and see what we’re all about! Once people see and experience the community and fitness benefits we offer price becomes much less of an issue.

    It’s also always interesting to me how people will spend hundreds of dollars on relatively useless items but won’t invest in their health and fitness!

    Glad you decided to join our gang and we definitely will miss you lots!!!


  4. Erika06-16-11

    This is so great and I very much appreciate you posting this Cam. As someone who is self employed (and an artist at that) it’s often a challenge to feel confident demanding what you’re worth. So many of us (definitely myself included) undermine our value.

    I think I might print this out & remind myself about it when I need to tell people my fees 😉

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