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Partner Saturday

Don’t despair, we’re back on the partner workouts. Should be a fun one today, especially with only the one class on Saturday. Don’t forget your rope!

Workout of the Day


4 Rounds
:15 Jumping Jack
:15 Squat
:15 MC
:15 Jump Squat

4 Rounds
:15 Plank
:15 Superman
:15 Side Plank – L
:15 Side Plank – R


EMOM for 10min:
5 PP (50-70%)


With a partner:
DU: 100
DB/KB TH: 100
Ring Dip: 100
DU: 100

RX: 35/55 (2 DBs or KBs)
Zone 3: 30/45, feet on box dip/PB dips
Zone 2: 25/35, box dips, 3:1 single skips
Zone 1: scale as needed


Butterfly stretch

Foam roll quads/IT band

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