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Saturday team Party!

Invite your two fav world buddies to hit up this workout with you.

Coaching Tips: Talk to your teammates about breaking this up for your individual strengths. If you try and split it up evenly, you are doing your team a ‘disservice’ since some people will get too much rest and not enough of a challenge. All three partners should try and pick the bar up to the rack position on the front squats – YOU WILL WANT TO PRACTICE THIS BEFORE HAND! Take note of which movements are two people working at a time and plan accordingly.

Workout of the Day

Context: Practice

Mobility: Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: fun game to warm up

Metabolic Conditioning: “The Avengers”

For time.Teams of 3.

2000m row (one person working at a time)

5 rope climbs 15’ , one person at a time
400m plate carry – 2 plates shared between partners, all partners run together
20 ‘heavy’ front squats, partners can help get the bar off the floor
40 kipping pull ups while one partner hangs (the other can rest)
60 push ups while partners both hold elbow or straight arm plank
80 American kb swings, 2 kettlebells per team working (two people at once)
1000m row (one person at a time)

Performance: 25/45lb plates, BB 125/185, KB 35/55
Athletic: 15/25lb plates, BB 85/125, KB 25/35
Health: 10 lay down rope climbs, 10/15lb plates, BB 65-85, KB 20/25

Scaling Guide: 25 – 33 min

Compare to: NEW WORKOUT

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