Saturday Team WOD

Hey Gang,

It’s Saturday… again!  Yep it comes around every week and almost every week we have a fun team or partner WOD for you guys.  This Saturday is no different.  Check below for the details!

Today’s Workout:

Buy-in: Form a partnership with another cool person, and make an even cooler team name.  Ideally, girls and guys will pair up (just for the workout of course) to form teams.

WOD:  “Just the two of us”

This wod has four different components.  Each team gets ranked for each component and then the team with the fewest ranking points at the end wins!

1.  4 x 6 deadlifts – using the same bar and with 10 minutes on the clock, you and your partner must each get your best deadlift for 6 smooth, clean, and no-dropped reps.  Please no “hitching” or back bending today, coaches be aware!  The team’s combined best lifts is the score for this portion.

2.  1 minute of pushups, 1 minute of double crunch – each partner has 1 minute to get as many pushups as possible followed immediately by 1 minute of double crunches.  Total combined reps is your score, scale to pushups from knees if needed.

3.  Mini-WOD:

  • 4 rounds for time of:  15 kettlebell swings per partner (scale as needed, one person at a time), 200m kettlebell run (both partners hold onto the heavier kettlebell – i.e. 1 hand each on the handle – for the duration of each 200m run)
  • Fastest team time is the score!

Cash-out: Team stretch, follow the leader, enjoy the Saturday!


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