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September WOD-Killah!

Despite the fact that it’s already October, please join us in celebrating our newest WOD-Killah for the month of September: Brandt Linkowski!

Brandt recently completed his video interview with Ryan Clarke, which we are now proud to unveil on our website.  In his interview, Brandt talks a bit about where he’s come from since before starting CrossFit.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Brandt yourself, you’ll know that his current fitness is a result of some carefully calculated hard work over an extended period of time, combined with a whole lot of dedication.  Brandt is one of those happy, smiling faces we love to see walk in the door at our noon-hour classes, and we always appreciate the sunshine he spreads around to everyone.

Thanks for being such an inspiration, Mr. Linkowski!  If you see Brandt around the gym, be sure to let him know how impressed you are with his achievements!

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Today’s Workout

Buy-in: get warm before class with 2-3 rounds of:  2 turkish get-ups, 4 goblet squats, 6 double crunch

WOD:  “Double Dutch”

This little gem of a WOD popped up in June 2010 – and was named after the top scoring girl of that day… which happened to be Michelle Wyngaarden (you can guess by the name why it’s “Dutch”!).  This wod requires not only solid strength but also skill with the double unders.  Have fun!


This is a three part WOD –

1.Deadlift 5×5 – these are all touch and go, no drops, work up to a heavy 5 (15 min)

  • Keep the focus on technique, these should NOT be maxes!

2.Shoulder Press 5×1 – NO PUSH FROM THE LEGS! (15 min)

3.  5 rounds of 60s work/30s rest of double unders (low score from any one interval is your score – like Tabata)

Add your best 5 rep deadlift weight to your best shoulder press to the number of double unders you got in your worst interval for your score.

Zone 2 – scale to single unders but divide your skips by 3

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash-Out: 2 minutes deep squat stretch (accumulated in 20-30 sec periods), foam roll lower body

Workout of the Day

  1. Cam10-11-11

    Hey Brandt!

    Just wanted to say you are a great ambassador for our community and embody the commitment to learning and progressing within the area of health and fitness. Thanks for joining with us and I look forward to seeing what you'll do in the future!

    Awesome work.

    PS. Another great video shot by Ryan Clarke… our resident videographer extraordinaire – he's getting funky with some angles!

  2. Meagan10-11-11

    Way to go, Brandt!! I always love seeing your smiling face at the gym 🙂

  3. Jim10-11-11

    Congrats Brandt. Keep turning back that clock, getting stronger. Live long and prosper.

    (And Ryan – another superb video. You do see the world from a different angle, don't you?)

  4. Kath10-11-11

    What an inspirational video Brandt! Thanks for sharing – loved the line about climbing a tree with your kid. I love how Crossfit gives us an appreciation for having fun!

  5. brigit10-11-11

    yay brandt!

    Note about parking: we have three spots located to the east side of the stairs (to the right). Do NOT park or block the spots on the west (left from the road) marked thompson foam shop. We want to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors!

    There are plenty of 2hr free spots on the north side of pembroke and on princess street.

  6. Sarah W10-11-11

    Congrats, Brandt! I may not get to workout alongside you very often, but I can honestly say that when I do get the opportunity it's always a great experience. You are always so positive and a great inspiration. Keep up the awesome work! I look forward to seeing you at the new gym 🙂

  7. TWScoots10-12-11

    Great video, Ryan – you took the easy task of communicating Brandt's great attitude and dedication, and the difficult task of making a creative, entertaining and comprehensive snapshot of our gym and one of it's coolest members. Well done.
    I'm lucky enough to have Brandt in my lunchtime classes; always positive, always pushing himself and others. The progress he's achieved is well deserved, and we at the Zone are lucky to be a part of that.

  8. Rob M10-12-11

    Brandt is one of the hardest working CF'ers at the Zone – methodical with his approach and always positive. If you are lucky enough to spend a few lunch hours suffering along side him, you know what I mean. Awesome progress Brandt.

  9. brigit10-12-11

    videos just keep getting better-you are amazing brandt-i hope when i am 46 i look as great as you!

  10. Nicci10-12-11

    Great video and well deserved recognition! I have had the pleasure of joining many lunch classes and love the energy of the "lunchcrew"- that being said, Brandt, is one of our finest! He enjoys every wod and treats everyone with such enthusiasm and CF joy! I was super excited to hear that you were being recognized Brandt- keep striving and excelling and "turning back that clock"!! I, too, loved your climbing a tree comment- I think that crossfit surprises us all with what we can accomplish with some work, no matter what our age!!!

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