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Skill of the Month

02 Apr Posted by in Challenges | 2 comments

Our double under pro – we miss you Big Easy!

Goodbye March, Goodbye handstand pushups. Hello April!

I think that I have been asked the most for this skill of the month…. so here it is Scott!  DOUBLE UNDERS 😉

Double unders are one of those skills that it either comes very naturally for you or you have to work on them day in and day out.  So my advice to you is:  If you are having troubles with double unders, then you want to be practicing everyday! When Mikko Salo was wanting to get better at doubles, he would practice for 20 minutes per day, and it worked.

It makes a huge difference if you have the right rope or not, so it is just your luck that we just got in an order of ropes.  There are only 10, so if you want to get better at double and you don’t have your own rope, then you better rush to get one!  They are $20 + HST.

I am sure some of you have a favourite rope in the gym, but what happens if that rope gets snagged by someone else?  Or it gets worn down, tangled or broken?  It is best to have your own.

How do I know how long the rope should be?

You can check out this chart from

Jump Rope Length Chart
8 foot rope for athletes 5 ft 5 inches and under
9 foot rope for athletes 5 ft 6 inch to 6 ft even
10 foot rope for athletes 6 ft 1 inch to 6 ft 6 in
11 foot rope for athletes over 6 ft 6 inches tall
6 feet 6 inches and over – you will have to contact a jump rope company that specializes in custom ropes.

Today’s Workout:

Buy In – Retest HSPU’s & 3 attempts at  a max set of double unders

* write your max double under total on the black chalk board, keep it up high so we don’t erase it during HSPU’s!

WOD – “Funky Total”

As Many Attempts as needed to achieve a 1RM in:

  • Turkish Getup
  • Front Squat
  • Deadlift

* There is a 30 minute time cap on the workout
* Add the max weight lifted for all 3 exercises together for your score
* Turkish getup total is max lifted on right and left arm combined

Zone 2 – work on technique in sets of 3-5 reps

Zone 1 – scale as needed

Cash Out – MWOD goat time!  Do you have a chronic tight muscle?  Ask your Coach how to stretch it out!

Workout of the Day

  1. Sean04-02-12

    SWEET!! finally my obsession with TGUs will pay off

    • Craig R04-02-12

      Too bad there is no bonus points for lifting oddly shaped objects.

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