Snatch Videos


Haha… that got some of your attention didn’t it!  Don’t worry these ones are SFW (Safe for Work).  I just wanted to show the greater context of what we were working on in Thursday’s class and give you guys a window into some of the gold that can be found on youtube.  I highly recommend Glenn Pendlay’s videos if you are looking to refine your Olympic lifts or are looking for little tips and tricks to optimize your training.

“Popping the Hips – i.e. ‘Pockets’ snatch practice”


Cool technique drill


Today’s Workout:

Buy-in:  Thruster 6 x 1, working up to a max weight

WOD: 2k row for time

Okay, I know this isn’t going to be a “fan favorite” but it is a very solid benchmark that we all need to have scores in, and not that many of you have had the pleasure of getting into a solid 2000m on the erg.  With the limitation being the number of ergs that we have, most classes will have to run two heats.  Times will vary from mid to upper 6’s (Jer, Adam, the Bruce) up to 10 minutes or possibly more (for smaller and lighter individuals).  My advice if you are a first timer is to take the first 1000 at 70-80% effort and then gauging from there.  Good luck!

Zone 1 – scale as needed

*work on selected goats or cheer on the rowers if you are in the next heat!  Encouragement always helps!*

Cash-Out:  Group stretch, check out Concept II’s online world rankings to see where you fit in!


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