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So when are we doing what

On Thursday at 5pm CFHQ will release 17.1. On Friday it will be the class workout however, this is not the ideal time to get a judged score. Class times are for the class and the coaches won’t be able to judge you or set up just for you.  We will be running 2 dedicated “official” times.  One on Friday at 7pm and the other on Sunday at 9:30.  Please try to come to either (or both!) of these times to cheer, participate and maybe even help judge! If none of these times work for you, shoot me a message and we can work something out.  If you have signed up online you must be judged and a proper score card submitted. If you are just doing the in-house portion we can be a little flexible but I’d like to keep everyone at the same standard, self judging won’t be the regular thing, only in some very specific cases (part of the fun is learning how to do a workout with someone counting everything out for you  ;))

Any questions ask!  Fun time starts soon!

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