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11 Apr Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Tristran is Back

Welcome Back Tristan! After a long winter threatening to send passengers into the frigid Antarctic waters, and keeping his face from freezing to stuff he is back! Tristan is a skilled boat guide in Victoria and a passionate environmentalist.


10 Apr Posted by in Graduates | Comments

Welcome Kaylee

A new member has joined the Zone: Kaylee Norn! Kaylee is hoping to become a competitive paddler, and has been working with me for the last couple months to build her overall strength and paddling power. She’s made awesome progress and will be bringing her upbeat energy to classes later this week (she’s always smiling […]


Saturday team Party!

Invite your two fav world buddies to hit up this workout with you. Coaching Tips: Talk to your teammates about breaking this up for your individual strengths. If you try and split it up evenly, you are doing your team a ‘disservice’ since some people will get too much rest and not enough of a […]


07 Apr Posted by in Foody Friday | Comments

Shredded Pork in a package.

Shredded port in a package, who would have guessed.  I am not one for buying prepackaged food, but…. I found this shredded pork at Fairway Market on the shelf in the Mexican Food section. I used it to make Taco’s and it was pretty good. The listed  Ingredients are, pork, lard, vinegar, chili pepper, salt, […]


Happy Saturday!