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Diet  // Posts tagged as "Diet"

Side effects on the Paleo diet

Marie-Eve posted a link to this article on our Facebook page, but we also wanted to share it on the website for those that have made the switch to Paleo (WLC) or are thinking about it.  Check out the whole article: Side effects on the Paleo diet: Changing your diet from a high-carb, low-fat […]


Whole life challenge

There have been whispers. There have been rumors. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you — they’re all true! The Whole Life Challenge is back, and it’s bigger and better than before! This time around, though, you’ll be playing with 10,000-20,000 people from affiliates around the world! The Whole Life Challenge Fall ‘13 is […]


What do they mean?

When talking about our food there are many different words used to describe different attributes. Differentiating between them can be somewhat confusing. Do you know the difference between free range and free run chicken eggs? Hopefully this article from my close friends blog “an avocado a day” can help to clear up some of the […]


08 May Posted by in Helpful Tips | 3 comments

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Image from   Seeing as it getting mighty hot in the box its time to talk again about WATER! Few things to ponder: 1) Why is water important? Water is the most abundant thing in our body. It aides all of the metabolic processes and allows for the absorption and excretion of electrolytes, vitamins […]


CrossFit And Supplements

What's your take on supplements in CrossFit?