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flashback friday  // Posts tagged as "flashback friday"

12 Jun Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: Ain’t No Such Thing As Halfway Lifts

Are you shook off the realness?! It’s your Uncle Ray aka Young Bladez aka Pocket Fulla Atlas Stones back again to keep all you hip-hops heads satiated like buttered coffee. This week we got The Queensbridge Murderers, Mobb Deep. These gentlemen are two of the east coasts finest hardcore hip-hop acts. Havoc and Prodigy went […]


05 Jun Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: Who’s Choice is It?

WE ARE BACK AND WE’RE BLACK SHEEP! It’s your favourite uncle aka Young Blades aka Baby Bladez, back to give you your weekly dose of hip-hop to fuel those workouts. This week we have the hip-hop duo Black Sheep. This week we are hipping and a hopping all the way to ’92 with the album […]


Bulgarian Split Squats

We’re throwing in a different exercise for strength this cycle: the Bulgarian split squat. It is essentially a lunge with the rear foot elevated on a box or bench. It is useful in correcting asymmetries and increasing quad strength. If you’re looking to improve your pistol, or if you lose squats above parallel, this movement […]


15 May Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments

FBF: 45 Pound Blades

It’s ya man, Tha Gettin’ Thicka Killa aka Big Blades. I’m back again for your weekly dose of hip-hop beats to keep your workouts turnt’ all the way up. This week we have the Houston Texas legend Lil’ Troy. Troy Lane Birklett, drug dealer turned record label owner had a GIANT hit back in 1999, […]


08 May Posted by in Hip hop history | Comments


And we back again! for another Flashback Flyday with your Uncle Ray aka Still Tippin’ 45’s. So who is Mike Jones?!?! This week we are taking it back to 2004, and Swishahouse insurgence! Still Tippin’ is the hit single that put Mike Jones and his Swishahouse counter parts on. This single was the catalyst to […]