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My Way or the Conway

Of late you may have noticed a strange ginger in short shorts and flip flops lurking about the gym. Don’t be concerned, it’s just Matt, our new apprentice. Matt started as a member at CrossFit Zone back in early 2014. He took a brief hiatus and now he’s back, and better than ever. Remember that […]


We need your help!

We are conducting a member survey and we need your help! We have sent out an email with a small number of questions regarding your experience at CrossFit Zone. If you could please take a few minutes to answer these questions, we would greatly appreciate it. Once we receive your response we will enter your name […]


The Return of the Farmer’s Walk

Get ready for everybody’s favorite exercise: farmer’s walks are back. They’re great for posture and grip strength. Have trouble holding on to the bar in deadlifts? Farmer’s walk. Poor posture? Farmer’s walk. Want a stronger back? Farmer’s walk. LET’S WALK!


08 Dec Posted by in Misc. Info, Open Gym, Uncategorized | Comments

HP Sunday

We are going to move HP to 2pm tomorrow.  This will give us some time to put the gym back to normal after tonight’s party   Plan for lots of old school stuff…..tire flips, sledge hammer work and good old fashion moving weight around


16 Jul Posted by in Helpful Tips | 3 comments

The Rx’d Workout

Lately i have been talking with members and other coaches about doing all workouts as prescribed and whether or not it is always the smart thing to do. To a new lifter the pursuit of doing all wods Rx’d is the holy grail. As soon as you have made it to that point you are […]