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olympic weightlifting  // Posts tagged as "olympic weightlifting"

Power Snatches

Coaches notes for today’s wod: Slightly different wod today than normal. Today’s EMOM is heavy 3 power snatch. Make sure you spend some time working on that starting position in the snatch, resist the urge to just hing and and pull and take the time to lower the hips and really hit all of your […]


Return of the Complex

IT’S BACK! One deadlift, one clean, one front squat, one jerk. The complex of all complexes (complices?) has returned. It’s got a few conditions this time: first, there’s an RX. No HAP, just a couple of written in stone, heavy-ass weights. Two: EMOM. One round, every minute on the minute. Consider it a blessing, and […]


What’s a Complex?

A complex is a series of movements performed in sequence with the same weight. It can be done with a barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, sandbag…the list goes on. The goal is to string all of the movements of the complex together without putting down the implement. They’re great for learning to link movements, build strength, and […]


Snatch Balance

The third pull is, for many people, the most daunting part of the Olympic lifts. Explosively pulling yourself under a heavy bar can be difficult and intimidating. Luckily, we are beginning a cycle of snatch balances to help you develop speed and stability pulling under the bar. Punch up in to the bar as you […]


Clean rack versus jerk rack

No cleans or jerks today, but still check out this article from Catalyst Athletics about the difference between the clean rack position and the jerk rack position: THE CLEAN AND JERK RACK POSITIONS MAYBE YOU’LL LEARN SOMETHING!!