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powerlifting  // Posts tagged as "powerlifting"

21 Mar Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments


Have you ever looked at our bars and wondered what’s the difference? Why some are thicker, others have more knurling (the pointy stuff that digs in to your hands), or why some seem to bend under heavy weight? Check out this Breaking Muscle article that discusses some of the different features of bars and what […]


29 Sep Posted by in Helpful Tips | Comments

How to bench 700lbs

Maybe you won’t bench quite THAT much today, but hopefully you’ll be inspired to put a some weight on the bar. Remember to bend that bar apart – lock those shoulder blades in and pull that bar down to your chest using your lats. Drive through your feet and squat that bar up. Yeah, I […]


Do you Recognize him?

Photo from Vic42 Have you ever checked out the site Vic42? Vic42 is the first local archive that brings continued awareness to the amazing people living in our own backyard. Our vision is to be a part of creating a community that celebrates itself and takes every opportunity to support local talent and efforts that […]



Spent a great afternoon at Crossfit Taranis watching the powerlifters.  It was great to see so many members out to support Ray.  He was  in a class of his own. At a Powerlifting meet, competitors take part in three disciplines:  Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.  Lots of local lifters and visitors too, ranging from grade […]


The Dead Truth

There’s no way around it:  the Deadlift, if performed correctly, will build unparalleled mass while strengthening all the major muscles groups. The Deadlift builds the upper and lower body like no other movement.  Furthermore, Deadlifting will strengthen the entire back and its surrounding muscles, making this lift great for rehabilitative and preventative, purposes. In fact, […]