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Why you should buy grassfed beef

Here is a post on the benefits of eating grass fed meats over grain/corn fed or finished.   Why You Should Buy Grassfed Beef Written by John Franklin Meat is a main staple of the paleo diet, because eating meat is essential for optimal health. Unfortunately, not all meat is created equal; we […]


Unethical Fish Oil Companies BUSTED!

Not all fish oils products are created equal – (original photo courtesy of Krill Oil Dangers) We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of taking fish oil for health and recovery.  But what if the fish oil you have isn’t the best?  Take a look at this interesting article from CrossFit AI: Unethical Fish Oil […]



Simply put, it is “doing the common, uncommonly well”.  It applies to CrossFit mostly in terms of the movements we execute on a daily basis.  The squat is a common exercise but it is relatively uncommon to see someone complete the movement with quality and precision in a continuous fashion. Think about our movements as […]


No Apology

The following article comes from Crossfit Lisbeth’s WOD (Words Of the Day) Blog, check out the page, there’s lots more to enjoy 🙂 Turts No Apology Posted by Lisbeth on Jun 2, 2011 in Essays I won’t apologize for the cost of a CrossFit membership. I might explain what you’re getting, how you’re getting it, […]


Client Kudos

Below is a letter that was received by the CrossFit Zone staff from one of our clients, Will Kelsey.  Because he was one of our newer recruits, we contacted him for some feedback on his CrossFit experience.  He blew us away with his reply: Deanna, The past two months with the Zone have been great! […]